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Hand Sanitizer Manufacturer in India

Hand Sanitizer Manufacturer in India – Hand Sanitizer is an essential requirement of our day to day life in this pandemic situation. Awareness towards health & wellness and construction of hand sanitizers, hand rub and hand wash are projected to improvement of the Hand Sanitizer market in India. With the improvement in existing standards, the growth in healthcare industry and awareness regarding hygiene and cleaning, has expanded the market of hand sanitizer. Most importantly, Black Pearl Cosmetic is a FDA approved Third Party Hand Sanitizer Manufacturer in India. We manufacture various types of hand sanitizers for example hand wash, hand rub, gel, liquid etc.

Black Pearl Cosmetic Manufactures FDA approved products for our clients. We promise to deliver quality Hand Sanitizer in the market, with 70% alcohol that kills 99.9% germs. Being The Top Hand Sanitizer Third Party Manufacturer in India, we are connected with many leading companies to provide them, hand sanitizers in low minimum cost with 100% customer satisfaction. Believe in us for The Best Quality Manufacturer of Hand Sanitizers in India.

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If any individual wish to develop Private Label Hand Sanitizer in their Own Brand and want to know the details related to product can see the image below :-

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Apply enough sanitizer into your palm

Rub hands together,
palm to palm

Keep rubbing during
20 seconds

Rub hands until they
become dry

Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer – Hand sanitizers are gels that contain alcohol in order to kill the germs present on our skin. The alcohol works immediately and effectively in order to kill bacteria or most viruses. We make hand sanitizer in a liquid, gel or foam generally used to decrease infectious agents on the hands.

Private Label Hand Sanitizer Manufacturer

Private Label Hand Sanitizer Manufacturer – Black Pearl Cosmetic Company always meets the stringent quality demands of our global customers. Our focus is to produce best quality products in the market which separates us from our own competitors. Market of hand sanitizer is growing fast to keep pace with customer requirements. We are ready to deliver the quantity and quality according to customer’s needs or requirements, prefer to any destination all over in India.

Contract Hand Sanitizer Manufacturer

Contract Hand Sanitizer Manufacturer – Black Pearl Cosmetic is the top most company which provides contract manufacturing of products to our customers or clients, according to their quantity and needs. If you want to do contract manufacturing, private labeling or third party then you have come to right place. We make high quality of products, all our products are WHO and GMP certified.

Hand Sanitizer Ingredients

Hand Sanitizer Ingredients – Alcohol-based versions typically contain some combination of isopropyl alcohol, ethanol (ethyl alcohol), or n-propanol, with versions containing 60% to 95% alcohol the most effective.

Non-alcohol based versions typically contain benzalkonium chloride and triclosan; but are less effective than alcohol-based ones.

Hand Sanitizer India

Hand Sanitizer India – Hand sanitizer, also called hand antiseptic, hand rub or agent applied to the hands for the purpose of removing common pathogens (disease-causing organisms). Hand sanitizers typically come in foam, gel and liquid form. Their use is recommended when soap and water are not available for hand washing and when repeated hand washing compromises the natural skin barrier (e.g., causing scaling and fissures to develop in the skin). Although the effectiveness of hand sanitizer is variable, it is employed as a simple means of infection control in a wide variety of settings, from day-care centers or schools to hospitals and health care clinics and from supermarkets to cruise ships.

Hand Sanitizer Price in India

Hand Sanitizer Price in India – We manufacture Hand Sanitizer in affordable rate or price. All quality certification bodies in healthcare prescribe this as a basic necessity especially in light of the hospital acquired infection data that is now so widely available and analysed. Sterilization and Antiseptic products have been utilized widely across all departments in hospitals and nursing homes. These antibacterial hand gel are the most popular antiseptic product followed by Surgical Hand Wash, Instrument and Equipment Detergents and Disinfectants, etc.

Best Hand Sanitizer in India

Best Hand Sanitizer in India – A lot of times, you come across situations where you are unable to wash your hands to keep them clean and germs free. On such occasions, a hand sanitizer can be a lifesaver. It helps in getting rid of micro-organisms on your hands. And with several highly infectious viruses or diseases around the world, it has become even essential to carry a good hand sanitizer with you at all times. Black Pearl Cosmetic manufacturers Best Hand Sanitizer in India.

Pocket Hand Sanitizer

Pocket Hand Sanitizer – It has become essential to carry a good hand sanitizer with you at all times. We manufacturer Pocket Hand Sanitizer. Hand Sanitizers are used as a hand antiseptic and to disinfect hands of people especially in a health care environment where there is a great risk and serious impact of spreading infections. These are used as a supplement or even as an alternate to washing hands with soaps. Hand sanitizers come in different forms gels, liquids, sprays and foams. In this day, hand sanitizers are omnipresent and can be found at most homes, work places, restaurants, airports and other public places and most importantly at clinics, nursing homes and hospitals. In healthcare facilities, it is considered a part of best practice to provide ports for hospital hand sanitizers in all areas apart from just the operations theaters in patient wards & rooms, outpatient waiting areas and even cafeterias.

Third Party Hand Sanitizer Manufacturer in India – Black Pearl Cosmetic

Black pearl cosmetic is a leading and reliable name in the chemical industry for Best Hand Sanitizer Manufacturing in India for example Delhi, Hyderabad, Noida, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Kolkata, Agra, Lucknow, Chandigarh, Mohali, Punjab, Himachal, Baddi and many more states of India. The company has the best state of art of Third Party Manufacturing facilities along with the design and label printing. We have all the new technologies and latest equipment at our production unit, to meet the quality guideline for Manufacturing of Hand Sanitizer.

We have well professional team who thoroughly work to bring company to the next level. From the process of manufacturing to the delivery of hand sanitizer, firstly each bottle is thoroughly supervised by the experts to make sure the superlative quality of the hand sanitizer that protects you against the unwanted virus. By association with our us for the best services, we always make sure that we will bring mutual growth for both the companies.

Over the years, Black Pearl Cosmetic has become a reputable and reliable name in the market by providing its Best Services for Hand Sanitizer Third Party Manufacturing.

Factors behind the increasing Demand for Hand Sanitizers in the market

Hand sanitizers are used for cleaning the hands to remove the germs and illness-causing bacteria. It is available in liquid, foam, spray, and gel state. The main factor behind the innovation of hand sanitizer to use it after washing hands or for that time when soap and water are not available.

Quality assurance by Black Pearl Cosmetic for Manufacturing Hand Sanitizer Products

Black Pearl Cosmetic make sure that there should not be any compromise with the quality of the product. The hand sanitizer is used for cleaning the dirt of the hands, so it is very important to deliver a premium quality range product. Otherwise, it will affect the health of the customers and our product will prove a big fail for the company.

All the raw material and chemical extracts used in the manufacturing process is obtained from a trustworthy vendor in the market. Our safe and effective hand sanitizers have won the trust of doctors, healthcare professionals and customers in the market. Collaborate with us for the manufacturing of your products, we are the Best Hand Sanitizer Manufacturer in India with 100% quality assurance.


Black Pearl is a Cosmetic Manufacturing Company and is specialized in the creation and production of Private Label Skin Care Products. Black Pearl is one of the leading higher effective Manufacturer of Hand Sanitizer. We are one of the Top Suppliers and Manufacturer of Hand Sanitizer in India. We are reputated Instant Hand Sanitizer Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter in India. Black Pearl is a WHO-GMP Certified Best Hand Sanitizer Third Party Manufacturer in India. The company manufactures different varieties of hand sanitizers in a different state of nature such as gel & liquid. Being the Top Hand Sanitizer Third Party Manufacturer in India, we are connected with many leading companies to provide them Hand Sanitizers in Low Minimum Cost with 100% customer satisfaction.

Hand Sanitizer are mostly Alcohol Based Hand Cleanser. We manufacturer 70% Alcohol Base Hand Sanitizer which is both Gel Based Hand Sanitizer and Liquid Based Hand Sanitizer that kills 99.9% of germs and bacterial without water within 10 seconds. We provide Best Hand Sanitizer in India at Best Rate. Being ISO Certified Hand Sanitizer Manufacturer, we are FDA approved Private Label Hand Sanitizer Manufacturer also. The Company is well known for their R&D and innovative custom formulations for Private Label Hand Sanitizer. Black Pearl is able to meet Private Label Customer Needs for Hand Sanitizers, and prepare brands for large volume retail opportunities, offering low lead times and continuity of supply. We are Third Party Contract Manufacturer of Hand Sanitizer.


We manufacturer Hand Sanitizer in Bulk and can deliver hand sanitizer within short period of time Hand sanitizers play important role when it comes to maintaining proper hygiene as covid 19 is spreading. Hand Sanitizer has become an essential material which is being used everywhere, for example school, institution, hospitals, offices, health specialty. Hand sanitizers often provides better benefits over Ayurvedic Hand Sanitizers and protects the hands against protection while travelling. And in this aspect, we Black Pearl Cosmetic Manufacturing Company provides The Top and Best Hand Sanitizer Manufacturer in India. In the Development and Production process of Private Label Hand Sanitizer we take care of skin protection. We provide Hand Sanitizer with Antimicrobial Disinfectant Packaging. Being the Private Label Hand Sanitizer Manufacturer we also Offers Third Party Manufacturing and Contract Manufacturing Service for Hand Sanitizer.

We provide Private Label Hand Sanitizer for Business Purpose and for commercial purpose. With the improvement in existing standards, the growth in healthcare industry and awareness regarding Hygiene and Cleaning has expanded the market of hand sanitizer. The pandemic can only be stopped by a common effort. However, it is difficult to do so without a sufficient supply of Disinfectant Hand Sanitizer Private Label in India. To increase the production, Black Pearl is ready to Supply Private Label Hand Sanitizer on a very short notice. We promise to Deliver High Quality of Hand Sanitizer Third Party Manufacturing in India. The offered Range of Hand Sanitizers is highly appreciated for rinse-free, easy flowing gel formulations, high effectiveness and longer reactive life. People are realizing the Need for Cleanliness and now Hand Sanitizers are looked upon as An Essential Product - Hand Sanitizer. Hand sanitizers are the most Straight Forward Solution.


We Manufacturer & Exporter of Cosmetics, Personal care products. We also deliver third party job work and private labelling & offered our brand's distributorship. Our team consists of industry experts with an extensive background in cosmetic chemistry (R&D), formulations, manufacturing, packaging, shipping, and quality. Every member of our team has one goal and that is to be 100% focused on the needs of our clients.

We are a leading cosmetic manufacturer in India. We believe in providing maximum customer satisfaction. We make 100% organic, natural products which are used in our daily routine.

This category is about considering hygiene, cleanliness and physical wellness. Hand sanitizers are important to maintain proper hygiene. It helps you to get rid of the infections & health issues. Our herbal sanitizer provides more benefits & protects 99.9% from the germs. We use high-quality ingredients to prepare our sanitizer. We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Hand Sanitizer.

Benefits :-

This sanitizer protects from germs, infections, it also provides deep nourishment & moisture to the hands. Let’s know about some of the benefits of using sanitizer :-

Alcohol-based hand sanitizer contains different amounts and types of alcohol, alcohol percentage is between 60% and 95% and the types are either isopropyl alcohol, ethanol (ethyl alcohol).

How Does The Sanitizer Kills Germs :-

Alcohols are organic molecules made of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. Isopropyl alcohol or Ethyl Alcohols destroy germs, by breaking apart their proteins and cells and may also damage their cell's metabolism. In addition, germs do not develop a resistance to the alcohol which mean alcohol doesn't loose its effectiveness with continued use.

Our Alcohol based hand sanitizer, sanitizing spray are experiencing a very high demand due new pandemic of Corona Virus (Covid19)

The sanitizing gels and sprays are no rinse, just apply on hands, surfaces, room without the need to use water, they contain at least 70% alcohol and are available under our own Brand and “your own private label product” brand.

These excellent quality formulas are offered in a gel and a spray forms, they contain alcohol and a special blend of skin conditioning agents that leave the hands feeling moisturized and thoroughly clean.

For hand sanitizing form of liquid, gel, foam, and spray, Black Pearl offers 4 sizes for customers to choose from in volume 50 ml, 100 ml, 200 ml, and 500 ml, 5Ltr. Hand sanitizers play the key role when it comes to maintaining proper hygiene.