Beauty Brands in India

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Beauty Brands in India

Beauty Brands in India – Do you want glow that is extremely gentle on your skin? If you have super sensitive or problematic skin, Black Pearl Cosmetic is here to your rescue. It is one of the biggest skin care and cosmetic brands in the world.

If you are confused about what to get, Black Pearl takes the initiative to give you free and personalized consultation across all its stores. They also do this online on their website. Isn’t that awesome?

Black Pearl is a great cosmetic brand that is made for everyone. The brand offers skin & hair care products that are new, fresh, affordable and effective. They fit the budget of every Indian woman and are tailor-made to suit Indian skin well. Black Pearl is a company that has been satiating the demand for skincare across the nation now. Some of their best sellers include their Face Wash, Scrub wash & Hair Care Kit. They recently launched Fit Me range is very pocket-friendly and comprises of some of the best formulas the brand has launched in India so far. Their products start from a mere INR 199 which is next to nothing considering the competition in the beauty market.

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Our Brand Partners :

We only partner with the simplest Clean and Green beauty brands offering complete honesty and transparency. Our brand partners sustainably source their ingredients to make sure their formulations are of the very best non-toxic integrity. We carefully screen the credentials and claims of every brand that we on-board, to make sure that each a part of their sourcing and manufacturing process is moral, sustainable and done through fair trade wherever possible. All the products are sourced directly from the brand to ensure you get the best and authentic offerings.

Plastic Free Shipping :

We are committed to providing plastic-free shipping to scale back the environmental impact made with every purchase you create on Black Pearl Cosmetics. Starting with the packaging boxes, to the wrapping materials, to the tape, and therefore the sleeves, we use only recycled materials which will be further recycled too. We are constantly re-assessing our packaging methods to seek out cleaner and greener alternatives for a positive impact on the earth.

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As a neighborhood of our Clean Beauty promise, we've intolerance for harmful toxins and that we refuse to accept anything but the safest and best formulations. We strive hard to supply you with the simplest, which is why our “NO - TOXIN LIST” guarantees that we curate products that are free from nasty chemicals such as:


Black Pearl Cosmetics as a skin care brand strives to bring a safer product for you and the products that are better for the environment. Our ‘no list’ is a list of ingredients we believe are avoidable in skincare, especially when there are alternatives available today. Our years of experience in the industry and in-depth research on a very subjective topic like ‘clean beauty’ enables us to curate what we believe are cleaner and safer products with attributes of sustainability. We are in no way insinuating that we are a governing body or the bible to clean beauty as we understand each person has a personal preference and may define ‘clean beauty’ differently. All we hope to do is enable our Black Pearl Cosmetic family and community to make more conscious choices in our own little way. We welcome suggestions and healthy thought processes to be shared to further better our commitment and streamline our product range from time to time.