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Beauty Care Products Manufacturers – Black Pearl Cosmetic offer PRIVATE LABEL COSMETIC MANUFACTURING and holds leading market positions worldwide, and its consumer products business which is continuously expanding. The business unit develops, produces and sells numerous successful high-quality products (hair, body and skin) which are available in 150 countries worldwide.

Beauty Care is active within the commodity also because the Professional business. Within the commodity business, we would like to continue expanding our innovation leadership within the mature markets so as to further grow our share there. Within the Professional business, we are continuing our globalization strategy, with particular specialize in stimulating our emerging markets. We hold leading market positions altogether of the international market segments. Black Pearl manicure stands for consumer products within the fields of hair styling, hair care, body care, skin care.

The Beauty Care business unit is active in the Consumer Goods business with Hair Cosmetics, Body Care, Skin Care and, as well as the Professional business.

Vitamin C Serum & Scrub Wash are some products under Beauty Care Products.

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Natural Beauty Care Products

Natural Beauty Care Products – Caring for our skin is one among the simplest ways to make sure long-term skin health. Black Pearl dedicated to redefining beauty industry standards for products that are not only good for us but also good for our planet. Natural and organic skincare products combine essential vitamins, botanicals and minerals that heal and restore skin.

Private Label Cosmetic Manufacturers

Over the years, people became more conscious of what’s inside their products and have begun to form better decisions about what they permit on their skin. We’re passionate about transparency. Beauty skin care nurtures your skin with powerful natural ingredients infused into high-tech formulas that deliver immediate or ongoing results.

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Beauty Care Products in India

Beauty Care Products in India – The Black Pearl has been a manufacturer of body and beauty care products and has expanded its wings into the online world. For us, beauty is far quite just a reasonably face. The Black Pearl products are ready to meet your body care, facials, skincare and hair care needs and are available at All products have natural raw ingredients.