Certified Organic Private Label Skin Care

Certified Organic Private Label Skin Care

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Our certifications: assurance for your commitment

Are you looking for a cosmetics certification?

Black Pearl company formulates personal care product like shampoo & conditioner, bath salts & scrubs, and lotion & cream.  Each product we formulate for you will be designed to compete on efficacy, meaning we want your product to out compete the next closest brand on the basis of your preferred claims and to your satisfaction.

our extensive range. That’s why we are the best private label cosmetic manufacturers in or Third-party cosmetic manufacturers in India” we choose high-quality herbs to make organic beauty products with us get great benefits your skin. We offer products that do immense care to the skin and beautify naturally




At MADE SAFE we are a small team of workers, volunteers, and interns. Each of us has pledged to stand in solidarity to foster a better, kinder, more sustainable and just world.

We can customize the packaging of products according to your requirement.

We are manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of personal care products. We make 100% organic and natural cosmetics.

 We prepare our beauty products and essential oils after extensive research.

This product very natural ingredient. We focus on taking great care of your skin, hair and body with the choicest , extracts and essential oils derived  We have a proficient team of graphic designers who craft the best designs molded according to client’s requirement to make your product packaging look Very attractive.

Look good. Feel good. Black pearl product is very good for natural glow on your face for all type skin.

Skincare products that are made with 100% natural, organic plant based ingredients. Black pearl‘s Organics beauty products include body creams, bath salts, facial toners, wrinkle serums, tinctures and more.


we are a firm engaged in manufacturing an excellent quality range of hair oil, face wash, body wash, face scrub, essential oil, hair shampoo, hair conditioner, etc. Organized production and reliable, on-time delivery .we are into third party manufacturing of skin care/personal care/hair care/bath & body wash product. we have facility for introducing large scale batches our strength lies in our zeal of manufacturing the most effective product .Our in depth  R & D process ensure product with unique features that can provide complete personal care solution we are able to provide complete satisfaction to our clients and have achieved significant position in the market. 



Our goal is to help you develop your own Individual brand of cosmetic with our personalized service; we walk you through the development of your own brand from our extensive range. That’s why we are the best private label cosmetic manufacturers in or Third-party cosmetic manufacturers in India” we choose high-quality herbs to make organic beauty products with us get great benefits your skin. We offer products that do immense care to the skin and beautify naturally.  we do offer a broad range of beauty products for every skin type, that beautifies the skin Gently without any side effects, we offer distinctive organic cosmetic products with complete hygiene and safety like: our priority is to satisfy the customers with the top-notch Quality of beauty products that naturally stimulate their beauty that is why we strike at the top.

The best place to learn to make

gorgeous, natural products

certificate in Making Natural

Skincare Products”


The Best Natural Skin Care

Black peal Cosmetic manufacturer is a company that produces cosmetic products.  These include color cosmetics, like skincare, lipstick, lip balm, facial kit such as moisturizers and cleansers, hair care such as shampoo, conditioners. There are more natural skin care products available now than ever, and their long list of benefits extend beyond even great-looking skin. When you use natural products like this regularly, not only do you beautify your skin, but you also absorb antioxidants, enhance your skin’s UV resistance and stimulate your immune system, too.

The firm collaborates with customers and facilitates innovation in areas ranging from production tools and ingredients to final products and formulations. Cosmetic’s formulation claims are plant-based, pure-natural, phthalate-free, zero animal testing, and sulfate-free and paraben-free organic ingredients. This firm is capable of providing cosmetics to customers with many In addition to manufacturing facilities, The company’s product categories include fragrances, oral care, male grooming, hair care, natural oils, facial kits, skincare and baby care .

It helps to identify the different types & properties of cosmetic products. Our products have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-acne, nourishing, toning & more properties

Best Beauty Products Manufacturing


certification to behind-the-scenes ingredient work,BLACK PEARL brings world-class Product to companies of every size, making it possible for companies to afford scientific, deeply researched and best ingredient information.

We’ve making 500+product, approach for examining ingredients to consider no infection, environmental persistence, off-gassing, as well as aquatic and animal toxicity. By providing this information, formulators, companies, and retailers can learn where potential issues may exist, how to manufacture black pearl approved products, and develop strategies to become part of a circular economy.

The face products include the following products:

● Active range
● Lip balm
● Cleansing milk
● Facial kit
● Cleansing kit

● Face wash
● Mask
● Shine and glow kit
● Scrub

● Dark circle kit

● Retention hydration kit
● Skin lightening kit
● Toner
● Serum mask

The sanitizer products include the following products:

● Hand sanitizer
● Hand wash gel

Other range of products includes:

● Soap
● Toothpaste
● Essential oil
● Intimate wash

Other range of products includes:

● Soap
● Toothpaste
● Essential oil
● Intimate wash


black pearl company is a well-recognized third-party cosmetic manufacturing company. We offer a wide variety of certified cosmetic products. Moreover, we deal in personal care, oral care, hair care, and many more products.

The company believes in developing high-quality products that are appreciated by the end consumers and they keep coming back. Since 4 year, the company is committed to providing excellent manufacturing services for the cosmetic range and satisfying customers all over the world.

Our cosmetic line is capable of delivering high-end results because we have put a lot of effort and time into building a reputation among the top Third-party cosmetic manufacturers in India.

When we are here for all your manufacturing needs, you can focus on more important tasks. You need not invest in a manufacturing unit to manufacture your products. You can trust us for your varied products ranging from skincare, personal care, oral care, hair care products, etc., and expand your product portfolio and business.

We are providing specialized third-party manufacturing services at a very reasonable cost. We manufacture in bulk and offer the benefits of the principle of the scale of economy to our customers.

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